Now Gatheredtable supports even more avoidances!

We heard you! We’ve just added a bundle of additional ingredients that can be avoided from your custom weekly menu.

To update your avoidances, just go to your Menu Preferences and choose the ingredients that you want to be excluded from your menu. You’ll see the new settings reflected in the following week’s menu.

diet preferences on gatheredtable

Note that if you add recipes to your personal recipe library, we’ll add them to your menu for you. We do not scan your personal recipes to check for ingredients you avoid (we assume that if you added the recipe yourself, you like it as-is). But when you view a recipe on Gatheredtable, we’ll note which ingredients are on your list of avoidances (see the little yellow caution sign).

avoidances denoted on recipe ingredient list

We made this improvement to our service based on input from our valued customers. Stay tuned for even more… And don’t hesitate to get in touch with ideas or suggestions – we love hearing from you!

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