Now plan many weeks at a time, more meals, and much more!

We recently made several improvements to your meal planning experience with Gatheredtable, available now on the web at, and on the latest version of the Gatheredtable iOS app, or the Gatheredtable Android app.

What’s New!

Plan Many Weeks at a Time
We’ve replaced weekly menus with a month-long “Planner that lets you see and plan for many weeks into the future. Toggle between an expanded (photos showing) and collapsed (photos hidden) view of your menu by clicking the switch found to the right of each week.

plan multiple weeks at a time on

Coming soon: Gatheredtable-generated menus for future weeks!

Plan for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks
It’s not just dinner anymore! Now you can search for and drag recipes onto any day’s plan, grouping them by the meal you are planning for.

plan for multiple meals on
Click plus on any day to open recipe search (tab through days on that view at the top). Everything is drag and droppable.

Create a Grocery List for Any Time Period
Create a grocery list when you’re ready to shop, choosing a date range of only one day to five weeks!

create a grocery list for any time period on
As you edit your plan, you’ll be given the option to regenerate any grocery list you’ve already created. Note that as you add/remove recipes to a day, the related grocery list will also be regenerated.

Add Free-Form Notes to Your Weekly Plan or Grocery List
Leftover night? Want to make a note to buy a specific brand of tomatoes? Drop a note into any meal on your planner or onto a grocery list item.

add a note to any grocery list item on
On the planner, hit + on a date to reveal the option to add a note next to any meal/snack on that day. On the grocery list, click on any item to review details about it and add a note.

And Lots More:

  • Nutritional information on all recipes! (paid subscriptions only)
  • All plans now start on Monday, helping to reduce confusion
  • Simpler layout of the grocery list, including 1-column on the screen and 2-column print view
  • Clearer calendar picker when adding recipes to a future date on your plan
  • Delete grocery items you do not need to buy, rather than just mark complete

This latest batch of improvements is based entirely on customer requests. We’re always striving to improve your meal planning experience, so if there’s anything you’d like to see improved, get in touch with us at

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