10 Ways Gatheredtable is Better in 2016

Last year was pretty great here at Gatheredtable, and we’re already helping you make homemade meals even easier in 2016! We’ve worked to make improvements based on your requests and feedback. Here’s a reminder of everything new since last year…

10 ways we’re make homemade meals easier for you this year:

1. New mobile apps
We released a brand new version of our mobile app for seamless access to your plans, recipes and grocery lists on the go! Install the app: iOS or Android

2. Plan for many weeks at a time
Plan up to 5 weeks in the future, or just stick with one week at a time. (try it now)

3. Plans for breakfast, lunch & snacks
We’ll suggest meals for dinner, but you can also add recipes to your plans for all the meals in the day. (learn more)

4. Shop for just the days you want
Once you make a plan, select just the days you want to shop for and create a custom grocery list. (learn more)

5. Improved grocery list
That’s right, the grocery list is easier to use! (try it now)

6. Nutritional information on all recipes
All recipes now display per-serving nutritional information – for paying subscribers only. (learn more)

7. Budget information, too
Based on the ingredient list, we assign a per-serving cost on each recipe, from $ to $$$$. (learn more)

8. More ingredient avoidance options
Allergies or picky eaters? No problem, just update your avoidances. (learn more)

9. Add “post-it” notes to menus and grocery lists
Add notes like “leftovers” to your menu. (learn more)

10. Share your recipes
Save recipes to your personal library, then send them to your friends – they can see them without logging in or even signing up for Gatheredtable. (learn more)

We built Gatheredtable to make homemade meals easier for you! So if you have ideas, feedback or questions, please get in touch. We love to hear from our customers. Reach us at humans@gatheredtable.com.

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