How long does it take to start a meal planning habit?

We believe that regular meal planning is the key to healthy, at-home meals. Only with a plan, recipes, and groceries on hand will the typical family cook dinner night after night. Many of our Gatheredtable customers already know this, and started using our service because they recognized the time-savings we can offer to their already established meal planning routine.

But many of you are still trying to build this new habit. You might have tried planning a week or two, but just haven’t found a way to make it part of your household routine. Or maybe you’ve never even attempted meal planning, but want to give it a try and just don’t know where to start.

How do we form new habits? Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project – a personal favorite of mine), has recently shifted her focus to habit forming with her book Better than Beforeread more about it here.

Many of her ideas ideas are very applicable to starting a meal planning habit:

  • Schedule time to make your weekly plan, to shop and to cook
  • Involve other family members to add Accountability
  • Subscribe to Gatheredtable to make the process easy and Convenient
  • Start with a Clean Slate at the beginning of every week
  • Give yourself a Reward (ahem, dessert…)
  • Invite your friends for support, sharing recipes with Other People

And lots more, I’m sure…

We think it may take more than a month to establish this new habit. Think about it… In any given month, you have so many disruptions to your “regular” life that make it hard to stick to a schedule – vacations, illnesses, kids’ commitments, work craziness – really anything can derail a week. We know, it happens to us, too!

So, to help more of you become successful with your meal planning routine, we’ve changed the way we charge for subscriptions. See all subscription options here.

gatheredtable pricing april 2016

  • Pay Monthly: Of course, you can still try it out for your first month for only 99¢ ($10/mo after that). This is the cheapest test-drive around!
  • Pay Quarterly (NEW): Sign up to pay every 3 months at a discount ($8/mo). We think this new option is perfect if you want to give your new meal planning routine a real chance at success.
  • Pay Annually: Once you’re committed to meal planning, you can sign up to pay only once a year for the best price possible! ($6/mo)

This spring, we want to help you get on the meal planning bandwagon before schedules start to fly out the window this summer. So we’re offering a special price for anyone who subscribes by April 30th: Get 3 months for only $18! That’s $6/mo, the same as our annual pricing! Click here to get the April Special.

gatheredtable april 2016 special

We want to you to be a success, and we’re here to help! Please get in touch if we can ever help in any way.

Happy cooking,

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