A Special Gatheredtable Deal for Mother’s Day

We love moms! And this Mother’s Day, Gatheredtable wants to help more moms make the goal of healthy, homemade meals a reality – all with a little less stress.

Mother’s Day Special

12 months of Gatheredtable Meal Planning for $62 (expires Sun 5/8)

It’s true, we love moms! And it seems they love us too…

“I don’t know if you have this, but I think most women do. There is this mother I want to be and the mother I am. The mother I want to be cooks three nights a week and has a clean house etc, and the person I am is lazy. But Gatheredtable helps me get one step closer to being the mother I want to be.” – Alison, Chicago

“My favorite thing was the decrease in the amount of time that it took and effort as well. We have a three month old that requires a lot of time and effort right now. It was great to be able to invest that extra time in him. I think we would have had a lot more pizza these last couple weeks without Gatheredtable.” (the second week of menus was Genny’s first week back after maternity leave) – Genny, Seattle

“The benefits are enormous: I have more time with my kids, I save money, and I can control the healthfulness of the meals.” Susan, NYC

“Everything has been delicious. I love the clipping feature, too. Finally I can actually make all those Pinterest recipes I’ve been meaning to try! I have been recommending your website to all my friends. It really has revolutionized my dinner prep, and as a working mom, it makes my life super easy!!! Thanks for everything!!” – Jaclyn, MA

“I’m really busy mom of two, I found it easy to use and the shopping list was very helpful. As a busy person I really did appreciate the simplest recipes, especially for my kids. Keep up the good work!” – Julie, IL

“I am loving your web-based program and have been dropping recipes in like crazy to compliment the meals you suggest. I’ve already had several really favorable reviews from my family on the paleo recipes. The shopping list was simple to edit and made a week’s worth of fantastic meals possible. This is really a God-send for a busy working mom and wife.” – Vicki, CA

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