Daily and Weekly Nutritional Analysis Now Available

We’ve recently added a new feature that displays a nutritional summary for a complete day (or week), based on the recipes on your menu. This allows you to add/remove recipes to your plan – possibly including breakfast, lunch, and snacks – then review the nutritional info for the full day as you make changes. Learn how we calculate nutritionNote that nutritional information is available only to customers who subscribe to our meal planning features.

To access the daily nutritional summary, click on the little calculator at the top right of your weekly menu, which is alongside the other buttons like Setting and Print.

gatheredtable controls on weekly planner

Additionally, each recipe now includes a nutritional breakdown for the ingredients in the recipe. You can find a link to view this breakdown at the bottom of each recipe page, in the Nutritional Info section. Just click on “View by Ingredient”

gatheredtable nutrition by ingredient

We’ve added this improvement based on requests from customers who are interested in meeting specific nutritional goals. Check it out, and let us know how you like it – humans@gatheredtable.com

2 Responses

  1. Angie

    This is great. Any idea when we’ll be able to search for caloric count? For instance, meals 600 calories or less? That would take a lot of time out of modifying weeks to keep calorie counts appropriate for each person.

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