Introducing the Gatheredtable Mobile Apps!

Today we’re releasing our new apps for both iOS and Android, making it even easier to use Gatheredtable when you’re on the go! Our mobile apps are the perfect companion to your meal planning routine.  Access your grocery list from your phone at the store, use your tablet in the kitchen to view the recipes you’re […]

Why You’ll Love the Gatheredtable Grocery List

When you sign up for Gatheredtable Meal Planning, you get editable, weekly curated menus (yah!) plus access to our smart grocery lists (double yah!). New customers tell us how much they love our recipes, how they save time starting with our weekly menus, and how easy it is to save recipes with our web recipe clipper. […]

How to Enter Recipes for the Best Menus and Grocery Lists from Gatheredtable

When you add recipes to your personal recipe library, you’ll want to be sure a few key things are entered so that we can recognize them. This will help us to pair your recipes with great sides, create balanced weeks, recognize ingredients properly on your grocery list, and also find the correct products when submitting groceries for delivery […]

Introducing Delivery in Atlanta for Gatheredtable Customers!

We are so pleased to announce that grocery delivery for Gatheredtable is now available in Atlanta through our partner, Nature’s Garden Express (NGE). NGE focuses on the finest naturally and organically grown fruits and vegetables, free-range eggs, farm fresh dairy, grass-fed meats, breads, coffee, honey, artisan cheeses, almond butter and more. So now a fully stocked fridge is […]

Share your favorite recipes from Gatheredtable

Your Gatheredtable account includes a free recipe library, where you can save and organize recipes that you love and want to cook. We recently made it easier for you to share any recipe saved in Gatheredtable, so you can send them to a friend with just one click. And the best part is that anyone you send […]

New and Improved Gatheredtable Recipe Library

We’re thrilled to tell you about our New Gatheredtable Recipe Library! Visually appealing, organized into collections, and easier than ever to use – we think you’ll love it! The improvements include: New recipe collections, organized by theme. Advanced filtering to help you find the perfect recipe every time. One-click scheduling, making it easy to add […]

How to edit your menu to use up ingredients

Step #2 in successful meal planning is taking inventory of your refrigerator. This includes making note of any perishable ingredients you’d like to use up in the coming week. Once you have this list, it’s easy to update your menu to be sure you use up those perishable ingredients early in the week. How to Edit […]

Meal Planning on a Budget with Gatheredtable

We know that sticking to a weekly food budget is important to many of you, and our latest update helps make that a little bit easier! Now when you receive your weekly menu from Gatheredtable, any recipe that we suggest will include a budget indicator based on the price of the ingredients in the recipe […]

Update the number of servings on a recipe

Most recipes we come across online and in cookbooks are written to make 4-6 servings. We know that can be a point of frustration if you have a very large family or are cooking for only 1-2 people and don’t love leftovers. Our goal at Gatheredtable is to give you a weekly menu that is […]

New year. New you. New gatheredtable.

Welcome to 2015! January is a great time to kick-start your meal planning – it will help with all those popular New Years resolutions. And we’ve also made a lot of improvements that we think you’ll love! Log into your gatheredtable account to check it out. Our recipes use only “real food” ingredients, so you’re […]