Chocolate-Dipped Treats

This holiday season, my family decided to complement our usual teacher gifts of homemade granola & Starbucks gift cards with some easy-peasy “homemade” chocolate dipped treats. The lineup? Pretzels, Potato Chips and Candied Ginger. The process? 3 steps, 5minutes, simple as pie. The result? So good we ate the first batch and will have to […]

Meet Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes

I recently had the awesome opportunity to interview Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes. Not only is she a good friend, but an inspiration to home cooks everywhere. Her blog is one of the leading food destinations online, and her dedication to food literacy is admirable to say the least. Read on to learn more… Happy […]

A rainbow of (easy, delicious, healthy) hummus recipes

If you’re like me you’re always trying to get more protein into your own diet (and if you have kids, theirs too!). Ditto for fiber. Well, it turns out that hummus is a phenomenal vehicle for both protein and fiber (thank you, chickpeas!) plus of course it tastes delicious. And bonus: it’s done in a […]

Edible Flowers 101

We eat with our eyes first… and edible flowers can add just the pop of color to take your plate from blah to beautiful. In celebration of May flowers, here’s our quick roundup of the most accessible edible varieties and the best ways to use them in your kitchen. Pansies Colorful, versatile. Try them tossed in a salad, […]

Organize Your Spices, You’ll be Glad You Did

Home cooking can fall anywhere on the spectrum between a chore and a pleasure. One of the things that really helps me land more on the pleasure side of that field is having an organized kitchen, where grabbing ingredients and equipment is easy and convenient, eliminating some of those little barriers to cooking. I’ve tackled my own kitchen […]

Roast Chicken 101

If you enjoy chicken, then Whole Roast Chicken needs to be in your repertoire!  Why?  It’s the highest ROI (Return on Investment) chicken dish you can make. It’s easy, affordable, and reliably DELICIOUS. Read more about Recipe ROI. It’s better homemade. While there’s no shame in grabbing the occasional pre-made rotisserie chicken, it’s just not the […]

Confessions of a Slug Mom…?

Check out this guest blog post at mommybites (a great community for parenting resources) by our Founder Mary Egan, who’s the first to admit that her children tease that she is a “slug mom” (aka the opposite of a tiger mom). Mary says that her laissez-faire parenting attitude springs from a cocktail that’s one part nostalgia for her casual Midwestern […]

How Gatheredtable Meal Planning Pays for Itself

One of the best parts of our day here at Gatheredtable is hearing all the great feedback from our customers. Not only do they like the recipes, and feel like we’re making dinner easier for them, but they tell us that Gatheredtable Meal Planning actually pays for itself. Here’s how… 1. Reduces Takeout Replace just two […]