Surprisingly Delicious: Delicata Squash

A good friend recently came to visit and after several days of showing her the city and eating out (a lot) we were in desperate need of some vegetables. So, Sunday morning (after one final brunch, I mean, who can resist brunch?) we hit the farmers’ market. Fall is one of my favorite times at the […]

Galettes: The Queen of High ROI Desserts

We’re all about Recipe ROI (Return on the Investment of your time, effort and money)  – and we consider the Galette the reigning Queen of Summer Dessert ROI. What is a Galette? Basically, a pie made without a pie pan. Classy, rustic and super easy. How to Make a Galette Roll out dough, spread out fruit stirred with sugar […]

Is cauliflower the new kale? We think so.

You’ll probably remember several years ago when kale – this crazy green vegetable that you’d never heard of before – was all of a sudden everywhere. At the grocery store, everywhere on the internet, in your smoothies, at every trendy restaurant, cooked, raw, even on your pizza! But move over kale, there is a new […]

Use Your Slow Cooker All Summer Long

In my experience there is a weird, unspoken fall and spring ritual each year where you put away the slow cooker at about the same time you pull out the grill. I fell into this camp for years – my slow cooker was relegated to bean soups all winter but not brought out after that. […]

Homemade Ice Cream (with or without an Ice Cream Maker)

As summer settles in across the country, ice cream season is in its peak (indeed, July is National Ice Cream Month!). We curated and tested several homemade ice cream recipes – SO delicious that they passed our Recipe ROI test despite the effort involved. A few tips for making ice cream at home: Ingredients matter. It’s our mantra that ingredients […]

The Basics for a Great BBQ

Summertime is when you need to get out the grill and barbecue everything in sight! Meat, veggies, potatoes, corn, dessert, even breakfast! Whether you’re just throwing on some burgers or doing a full meal on the grill, there are a few basic tips and tricks to make grilled food shine every time. For the Grill: Grill […]

A Beginner’s Guide to How To Buy and Cook Fish

As a kid, I hated fish, but it wasn’t due to the taste or the texture… I didn’t like fish because the only fish we ever had was trout we caught in the river by our house and I didn’t like having to gut it myself. (Right?! That’s not delicious!) I distinctly remember the first […]

Recipe Hacking: How to Substitute Different Types of Fish

One of the recipe testing tasks that I often find challenging is choosing the best fish to recommend for a recipe. Surprisingly it’s not because it’s hard to find the perfect fish, it’s because I’m so often tempted to say “choose whatever fish you like” and go from there. With concerns about over-fishing of popular types of […]

Surprisingly Delicious: Blueberry Chicken Salad Wraps

When I was a kid I separated everything on my plate – meat over here, veggies over there – and they definitely couldn’t touch. I would eat all of one thing before moving on to the next. I eventually grew out of it but it wasn’t until college that I discovered how absolutely wonderful wraps could […]

Surprisingly Delicious: Fantastic Fish Tacos

For years, one of my absolute favorite summer restaurant meals has been fish tacos from a taco truck near my house. Last summer, Mary – our fearless leader and the founder of Gatheredtable – introduced me to her favorite recipe for Fantastic Fish Tacos. I’ll admit, I’m such a fan of my taco truck that I’d never […]