Recent Updates to Gatheredtable (Summer 2016)

Our goal is to help more households cook and eat homemade meals – and we do this by making meal planning as simple and easy as possible. To that end, we’re constantly making updates to and our mobile apps (for iOS and Android) to make things easier for you! Here’s a rundown of what […]

Improvements to the Gatheredtable Recipes Section

We’ve just made a number of updates to the Gatheredtable Recipe Section, making it easier for you to search for and save recipes you want to try! You can see these updates now on or our apps for iOS and Android. What’s New… “Heart” a recipe to save it Now when you want to […]

10 Ways Gatheredtable is Better in 2016

Last year was pretty great here at Gatheredtable, and we’re already helping you make homemade meals even easier in 2016! We’ve worked to make improvements based on your requests and feedback. Here’s a reminder of everything new since last year… 10 ways we’re make homemade meals easier for you this year: 1. New mobile apps We released a […]

Now plan many weeks at a time, more meals, and much more!

We recently made several improvements to your meal planning experience with Gatheredtable, available now on the web at, and on the latest version of the Gatheredtable iOS app, or the Gatheredtable Android app. What’s New! Plan Many Weeks at a Time We’ve replaced weekly menus with a month-long “Planner“ that lets you see and plan for […]

Nutritional Information Now Available on Gatheredtable Recipes!

Here at Gatheredtable, we want to help you make healthy food choices for yourself and your family. Our latest improvement takes this one step further – by providing nutritional information for all recipes in Gatheredtable (our suggestions or any recipes you add yourself). How we calculate nutritional info: We mapped our complete ingredient database to a corresponding ingredient in […]

Now Gatheredtable supports even more avoidances!

We heard you! We’ve just added a bundle of additional ingredients that can be avoided from your custom weekly menu. To update your avoidances, just go to your Menu Preferences and choose the ingredients that you want to be excluded from your menu. You’ll see the new settings reflected in the following week’s menu. Note […]

New and Improved Gatheredtable Recipe Library

We’re thrilled to tell you about our New Gatheredtable Recipe Library! Visually appealing, organized into collections, and easier than ever to use – we think you’ll love it! The improvements include: New recipe collections, organized by theme. Advanced filtering to help you find the perfect recipe every time. One-click scheduling, making it easy to add […]

Meal Planning on a Budget with Gatheredtable

We know that sticking to a weekly food budget is important to many of you, and our latest update helps make that a little bit easier! Now when you receive your weekly menu from Gatheredtable, any recipe that we suggest will include a budget indicator based on the price of the ingredients in the recipe […]

Update the number of servings on a recipe

Most recipes we come across online and in cookbooks are written to make 4-6 servings. We know that can be a point of frustration if you have a very large family or are cooking for only 1-2 people and don’t love leftovers. Our goal at Gatheredtable is to give you a weekly menu that is […]

Take a tour of the new gatheredtable grocery list

Over the past few months, many of our loyal customers have shared ideas for an improved grocery list feature. And we’re happy to let you know that we’ve just made an update to address many of your requests! If you log into your account at, you’ll notice a big change to the grocery list section. With […]