7 Tips for Meal Planning Success this Summer

It’s hot, we get it. The last thing you want to do is step foot into the kitchen. And with last-minute BBQ’s and jaunts to the pool, it’s hard to stick to a plan. But fear not, you can still be a successful meal planner in the summer. Just follow these 7 tips… 1. Make […]

Edible Flowers 101

We eat with our eyes first… and edible flowers can add just the pop of color to take your plate from blah to beautiful. In celebration of May flowers, here’s our quick roundup of the most accessible edible varieties and the best ways to use them in your kitchen. Pansies Colorful, versatile. Try them tossed in a salad, […]

The Basics for a Great BBQ

Summertime is when you need to get out the grill and barbecue everything in sight! Meat, veggies, potatoes, corn, dessert, even breakfast! Whether you’re just throwing on some burgers or doing a full meal on the grill, there are a few basic tips and tricks to make grilled food shine every time. For the Grill: Grill […]

Surprisingly Delicious: Fantastic Fish Tacos

For years, one of my absolute favorite summer restaurant meals has been fish tacos from a taco truck near my house. Last summer, Mary – our fearless leader and the founder of Gatheredtable – introduced me to her favorite recipe for Fantastic Fish Tacos. I’ll admit, I’m such a fan of my taco truck that I’d never […]

Freeze your berries to make them last

Berries are usually one of the earliest fruits to hit the local farmers market – and we love them! But when berries show up in season, they often show up by the boat-load and are gone a week or two later. The best time to buy them is when they are fresh and ripe, but […]

Canning can help you eat summer produce all year long

Finally, summer is here! Evenings are getting longer and more and more beautiful produce is showing up in stores and farmers markets every week. So much that you almost can’t eat it fast enough. That is where canning comes in. Making your own jams and pickles may sound intimidating, but with a few simple tips […]

How to find and shop at your local farmers market

Your local farmers market is a great place to stock up on local fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, breads and so much more. Many markets are just beginning to pick up steam as summer produce begins to pop. Whether you already have a favorite market or are looking for one near you there are some great resources […]

Seattle S’mores

The 4th of July is right around the corner and we swear we can already smell that summery scent of the campfire… (ok, maybe it was the marshmallows roasting in our test kitchen…) It’s old news that s’mores have gone from scout camping trips treats to an “anytime” decadent dessert; we’ve seen them popping up […]